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Transfer your cash abroad without a Korean bank account

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5000 KRW Your first transfer is FREE!
1 USD / N KRW real-time exchange rate

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A unique service, cheaper and faster than banks

The best way to transfer cash abroad

and your first transfer is free!

No need to download a mobile app!

How to send cash abroad:

Register online once, deposit cash anywhere!

  • All you need is your phone number and basic information.
  • Enter details about you and recipient.

    Once registered, you can always visit our machine

    to send your cash without visiting our website.

  • Find us on the LOCATION menu.

    We are all over Seoul in subways and hot spots

    and will expand to many areas in Korea.

  • Verify your info at the machine through passport or mobile phone, and deposit your cash.

    Be sure to check the real-time exchange rates!

  • Your money will arrive within 1-2 business days.

    Stay tuned to your Kakaotalk or SMS for status updates!

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